Quarterdeck Marina

Dock or moor at Bitter End’s state of the art marina and facilities. While you’re here, we invite you to come ashore and become a member of our community of sailing enthusiasts. Discover our renowned program of the best watersports, activities, and excursions , in the Caribbean. Book a 7-Night-Stay and let the island breezes lull you to sleep in your comfortable cottage overlooking the water.

Bitter End’s State of the Art Marina

Armed with input from yachting guests and leadership’s deep experience, Bitter End partnered with noted architect Peter Brill and Richard Starkey, of well-known Tortola-based Meridian Construction Company, to design and construct a totally new facility. “The previous marina was certainly more than sufficient, and fit our needs in the 80s, 90s and until recently. But the new installation, built from the ground up, has wider slips, improved decking surfaces, enhanced skirting, upgraded power, and best of all: a better dockage layout to accommodate a wider variety of boat sizes and shapes. We think it is a wonderful complement to our world-class shoreside offerings,” said Bitter End's Dana Hokin. According to Starkey, “the project here at Bitter End fits the needs of the clientele perfectly. It’s such a lovely location, and the new facility blends in nicely.”

With over 18 slips on the primary docks (depending on the types and sizes of boats accommodated), the new Quarterdeck Marina offered a rewarding ‘welcome back’ for annual repeat-visit charter vacation sailors, cruising voyagers, deep sea anglers, and fine yacht aficionados who enjoyed upgraded features including:

  • Accommodations for up to 18 yachts including eight large yachts (up to 150’), and ten smaller yachts (sail and/or power)
  • Most slips in ten feet or more of water; eight slips can accommodate boats with drafts of 15 feet or more
  • Tender docks serve large power yachts
  • Catamaran slips accommodate wide beams
  • Additional power availability providing yachts access to 30 and 50 amp powerposts
  • An L-Dock featuring room for two smaller yachts and accommodation for up to four mega-yacht berths (up to 235’)
  • Accommodations for 35 yachts on five dock locations over one quarter mile of Bitter End’s marina waterfront

Dockage Pricing

Monohulls (11/01 to 4/30)

  • Up to 50': $2.25 per foot per night ($2.50 ft/n during holidays)
  • 51' to 74': $2.50 per foot per night ($2.75 ft/n during holidays)
  • 75' to 99': $3.75 per foot per night ($4.25 ft/n during holidays)
  • 100' and up: $4.75 per foot per night ($5.25 ft/n during holidays)

Catamarans (11/01 to 4/30)

  • Up to 49': $2.50 per foot per night ($3.00 ft/n during holidays)
  • 50' to 55': $3.00 per foot per night ($3.50 ft/n during holidays)
  • 56' to 74': $4.00 per foot per night ($5.00 ft/n during holidays)
  • 75' and up: $5.00 per foot per night ($6.00 ft/n during holidays)

Open Tenders (no onboard accommodations)

  • 12' to 29': $1.25 per foot per night

30 amp 110v; 50 amp 220v; 100 amp
Garbage Drop Off
$2.00 per bag (must be tied)

Dinghy Docks
In front of Lobby Building, and in front of Pub/Emporium

Launch Service
Hail Bitter End's Harbormaster on VHF Channel 16 for a quick ride to the dock and the evening's activities. Free service is 6:30pm to 10:45pm each evening.

Moorings: $35 per night ($40/n during holidays)

Fuel, Ice, Water
Diesel and gas are available at the fuel dock. Ice and water are available at a variety of outlets.

Showers for those on mooring balls are available shoreside for $3.00. Purchase tickets at the front desk of the Lobby Building. Showers are included for those on the docks.


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