Sailing School

Learn to sail or fine-tune your skills at Bitter End’s sailing school. Level 101 is included in your 7-Night-Stay. Accredited by the US Sailing Association, our world-class instructors hail from all over the globe and are here to assist sailors of all ages and levels. 

Basic Keelboat Certification

Bitter End’s Basic Keelboat Course (additional fees apply) is taught on Rhodes 19s and IC-24s. Basic Keelboat certification is a combination of our current 101, 102A and B classes, with an emphasis on honing the 102A and B skills. Classes are taught in the 15-seat Bitter End Sailing School building (adjacent to the Watersports Center) using Laser model simulators and US Sailing Association materials. Classes are kept small to ensure that each student receives personal attention.
Coursework follows a regular weekly schedule, island style, starting on Monday morning, and concluding on Friday with the exam during the final hour of instruction.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: courses run three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon with a break for lunch.

Wednesday: Off day! Take a trip to Anegada, relax at the beach or by the pool, or learn another watersport.

Friday: Two hours of instruction in the morning followed by the test. The afternoon is free to show off your new skills or make up anything you might have missed earlier in the week. Graduation is at 5 pm.

100 Level Programs

Sailing 101: Introduction To Sailing
Open to everyone (no prerequisites), this class includes classroom and dockside demonstration. Learn nautical terminology, wind theory, points of sail, theory of boat handling, rigging and parts of the boat. Course 101 is included in most vacation packages. Onboard and dockside demonstration takes place on Rhodes 19s or IC24s.

Windsurfing 101
Classroom instruction includes parts of the board and sail, wind theory, sail theory, steering, and basic tacking and jibing.

100 Level On the Water

Learn to Hobie Sail  
A one hour private lesson on Hobie Wave or Getaway covers basic steering and sail trim, plus additional wind theory and rules of the road.

Learn to Sail  
This class focuses on dinghy sailing, correct weight distribution, using a tiller and tiller extension, basic boat handling, rules of the road, sail trim, and capsize recovery. Learn on Picos, 420s, and Bahias. (book available, small boat certification record book)

Windsurfing Right
Taught on BIC Trainers and Technos, this one hour private lesson with a trainer sail (instructor in a motor boat), plus some time on land spent teaching basic theory before getting on the water. Learn how to uphaul and start moving, plus sail theory and wind theory, steering upwind and downwind, tacking and jibing, and correct body position. (book available)

200 Level Dinghy/Windsurfing Programs

All Classes are On the Water

Hobie Sailing 201
Available to sailors who want to continue their education after the Learn to Hobie Sail class, this course features more advanced sail trim, further understanding of the wind, puffs and wind shifts, plus the fun and importance of using a trapeze.

Hobie Sailing for Monohullers
For sailors who can already sail but want an introduction to catamaran sailing, this course features a half hour on the water with an instructor, and teaches how to tack and jibe a catamaran, plus the differences in sail trim between a catamaran and a monohull.

Learn to Sail Intermediate
With a focus on advanced sail trim, hiking out, downwind boat trim, sail tuning (vang, cunningham, outhaul), and a revision of boat setup, you can choose your boat from the beach!

Windsurfing 201
This intermediate level instruction features sailing without dagger board, up wind and down wind progressions, and how to use a harness.

300 Level/Advanced

Learn to Spinnaker
Terminology, rigging the boat, packing the chute and setting up the pole, fly spinnaker on a mooring ball before setting sail, trimming the spinnaker, and steering while sailing with the spinnaker are taught on IC 24s and Rhodes 19s.

Advanced Laser Sailing
Taught on Lasers, Laser Radials, this course focuses on rigging, pinching and pointing, hiking, roll taking, down wind tactics, and planning.  

This three hour clinic features timing starts, course layout, a review rules of the road and racing rules, choosing the favored side of the beat, playing shifts/tactics, and mark roundings, taught on IC 24s. book available)

Advanced Windsurfing  
Get stoked by uphauling larger sails, getting into footstraps, pumping to a plane, water starting, and learning advanced sail tuning.  Learn on BIC Technos and assorted shortboards.

Certification Programs taught through US Sailing

  • Basic Keelboat
  • Basic Cruising
  • Bareboat Cruising
  • Coastal Passage
  • Coastal Navigation
  • Celestial Navigation  

Junior Sailing (Seasonally for kids 12 years old and up)
Children must pass a swim test to take this course that includes three hours of on-the-water training. In this interactive class, kids will learn basic boat handling, terminology, rigging, sail trim, and make new friends. Instruction is on Optimist sailing dinghies, Picos, Bugs, and Hobies.



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