Quarterdeck Club

Bitter End Quarterdeck Club members hail from all corners of the world and enjoy special privileges, top- notch facilities, and access to all our activities and amenities.

Yachtsmen_2Quarterdeck Club Facilities

  • Deep draft dockage for yachts up to 200 feet
  • 110v and 220v electrical hookups
  • Private on-dock bathrooms and showers
  • Convenient refuse disposal
  • 24-hour security
  • Marina office staffed for your assistance
  • Quarterdeck Lounge
  • Ice and fresh water
  • Provisioning at the Emporium


Yachtsmen_3Quarterdeck Club Membership

Become our next Quarterdeck Club Member! Membership is offered in three levels:

Quarterdeck Club Standard Membership

Annual dues are $650 and include: 

  • Exclusive advance slip reservations at peak times
  • $10 off the nightly mooring rate
  • 25% discount on dockage
  • Invitation to Guest Cocktail Party (up to 6 people per member boat)
  • Subscription to the Bitter End e-newsletter, The Signal
  • Access to special rooms offers throughout the yea.
  • 25% off watersports fleet rentals and excursion rates
  • Charge account privileges throughout the resort
  • Pool pass (up to 6 per member boat per day)

Quarterdeck Club Gold Club Membership

Annual dues are $1,800 and include all the benefits of standard membership plus the following premiums :

Quarterdeck Club Seasonal Membership

Dues are $250 and membership is from November 1 to May 1. Benefits include:

  • $5 off the nightly mooring rate
  • 10% discount on dockage
  • Pool Passes for up to 6 persons per member boat
  • Captain & Mate Drink Coupon (upon application)
  • Membership Card, Signal subscription and decal

How to Join

Simply download and complete the application and return it to us. Upon acceptance, you will receive your membership card and an ID decal for your boat. Major credit cards are accepted. Questions? Contact our Quarterdeck Manager via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., fax at 284-495-7078, or phone at 284-494-2745. Of course, you can always request an application and yacht enrollment form on your next visit.

Insider Tips: 20+ Reasons to Become a Quarterdeck Club Member

QD Insider Tip 1: What off-seasons?
Summer and fall may be considered off-seasons, but in the BVI they’re fishing seasons. Local and invitation-only fishing tournaments abound. Just a few short miles north of Anegada lies one of the most populous deep-water trenches where record blue marlin have been caught. During the summer, when the trade winds are lighter and the seas calmer, the passage out to the trench is easier. Make friends with your dockside neighbors and you may be rewarded when the sport fishing boats come home each evening with plenty of tuna, wahoo, bonito, and other fresh catch in tow. Consider chartering a Bradley 22 for reef fishing or trolling close to shore. Or come for our annual BVI Billfish Tournament, the BVI’s only Marlin Tourney.

QD Insider Tip 2: Steady your sea legs
Been on your charter boat for a few too many days? Take a hike! The trail system that traverses Biras Hill (behind Bitter End) provides an excellent opportunity to stretch your legs and enjoy a fantastic view of North Sound. Bitter End photographer, Guy Clothier, with help from other staff, has bushwhacked a stunning trail that starts at the north end of the property and connects with the trail system at Biras Creek. An offshoot of Guy's original trail descends Biras Hill behind the Emporium and Pub, adjacent to the Quarterdeck Marina or extends to the far side of the North Sound Suites.

QD Insider Tip 3: Showers are free
Six people aboard a charter yacht, each taking two showers a day, equals frequent refills. Let's face it, the Caribbean Sea is very salty and a fresh water shower is a must after almost every dip. Unless you limit each shower to two gallons per wash, you're bound to go through your tankage by day three. Dock at the Quarterdeck and your showers are free. Grab a towel and bathroom kit and stroll to our new and improved QD bath facilities. Save the fresh water aboard and top off if while on the dock. (Note: If you stay on the mooring overnight, showers are $3.00.)

QD Insider Tip 4: Best fuel dock in the North Sound
Running the generator or engine to keep the refrigerator chilled? Low on gas for the dinghy? Our prices are competitive on both diesel and gas. We have outboard motor oil for dinghy motors, and fresh water (made at BEYC in our R-O plant) to top off the water tanks.

QD Insider Tip 5: Hassle-free Anegada excursion
If your private yacht draws too much for a trip to Anegada or your charter company won't allow it, our Wednesday Anegada Excursion is the perfect solution. Follow these simple steps:

1. Arrive at Bitter End on a Tuesday afternoon. (Tuesday evenings are good fun at BEYC.) Pick up a mooring or reserve a dock space (better if you plan to spend some time at the Pub).

2. Check in with the Bitter End Activities Department before 5:00 pm and sign up for the Wednesday Anegada excursion.

Depart Bitter End at 9:30 am on our 60-foot double-decked, catamaran hulled M/V Corinthian and arrive at Anegada in 35 minutes. (The typical charter yacht takes three – four hours.) Snorkel, beach-comb, sightsee, or just chill out and be back at Bitter End by 4:30 pm. Opt for just the trip ($80/person), or the trip with a fantastic lunch at Big Bamboo on Loblolly Bay, arguably the most beautiful beach in the world (price on request).

Keep a keen eye out for the pink flamingos that inhabit the salt ponds in the center of the island. And, if you're an ace at bone fishing, bring your equipment because the south side of Anegada is covered with flats teeming with bonefish.

QD Insider Tip 6: Stock up and drink up
Need to re-provision for the remainder of the charter journey or just need to get a belly full of brew? The Emporium is stocked with all the staples one might need aboard, as well as snacks to keep the deckhands happy. Deckhands will be even happier with evening visits to the Pub, where crews swap sea stories and spin salty yarns over a pop or two! Bitter End’s Pub offers a full menu including shepherd's pie, rotis, fish and chips, and brick oven pizza.

QD Insider Tip 7: Double up through the mooring loop
When you pick up a mooring anywhere in the BVI it is best to pass an extended bowline from either port or starboard bow cleat through the mooring pendent loop TWICE and back to the cleat on the opposite side of the boat. This prevents the bowline from "sawing" through the mooring pendent loop and keeps the mooring ball further from the hull to avoid bumping during the night (and waking the vee-berth occupants). This technique is especially popular with Catamarans.

QD Insider Tip 8: Less traffic in the afternoon
The best time to fill your water tank at the Bitter End fuel dock is in the afternoon.

QD Insider Tips 9A – 9B: Know Bitter End’s Mooring Field
9A: When approaching the Bitter End mooring field from the cut, those preferring a breezier part of the field will want to stay to the port side of the channel. Those who like it a bit calmer will stay to starboard. The prevailing breeze throughout most of the year is easterly (more to the north in the winter, and more to the south in the summer). Much of the mooring field is sheltered by Biras Hill during the prevailing tradewinds.

9B: Arrive to the mooring field early and try not to pick up a ball closest to the channel as ferries and inter-island boats come and go from time to time. It is best to park on the outskirts.

QD Insider Tip 10: Stern-to landings are best
Tying up to the Quarterdeck Dock stern-to is recommended as the ventilation down the companionway can flow a bit better. It's also easier to make a quick getaway! Make sure you have plenty of line handlers, particularly at the stern, as puffs can often blow you off.

QD Insider Tip 11: Practice makes perfect
If you can't tie good knots, tie lots of them! (A stolen tip from Gary Jobson.)

QD Insider Tip 12: Bow, stern, fore, aft lines
When docking at the Quarterdeck Marina, always have a bow line, a stern line, and separate fore and aft spring lines. Each should be at least half the length of the boat, or longer. Three strand line tends to be more taut than yacht braid and will provide less rubber-banding while docked.

QD Insider Tip 13: Trained staff
Many staff members of the Quarterdeck are trained members of VISAR (Virgin Island Search and Rescue).

QD Insider Tip 14: Shhhh…
A lot of people don't know it but there is a dinghy dock right in front of the Pub and to the left of the Quarterdeck building.

QD Insider Tip 15: Dock specials
When you come into North Sound, call the Bitter End Quarterdeck on channel 16 and ask if they have any specials on dock space for the evening.

QD Insider Tip 16: You’re never alone
Bitter End has a crane hauling facility for up to 2800 lbs and 25'. If you have a problem with your runabout or dinghy, hail the Quarterdeck and we will haul her out.

QD Insider Tip 17: Free launch service
Come ashore for dinner and take advantage of our free launch service every day from 6:30 pm to 10:45 pm.

QD Insider Tip 18: Check the weather
Current weather forecasts are always available in the Harbor Master's Office.

QD Insider Tip 19: Register your visit
For adventurers visiting from beyond the borders of the BVI: It is mandatory to register your visit and present a valid passport for all crew and boat registration papers. Ports of entry in the BVI are: Road Town or West End on Tortola, Great Harbor on Jost Van Dyke, and Gun Creek, Virgin Gorda.

QD Insider Tip 20: Connect Back Home
The Bitter End Yacht Club has two conveniently located FREE WIFI hotspots, one at the Crawl Pub, and the other at the Clubhouse/Almond Walk Terrace.



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