From a short stroll along Biras Creek with its bird sanctuary salt pond, to an exhilarating climb through orchid festooned woods with spectacular panoramic views, Bitter End’s well-marked hiking trails showcase the Caribbean landscape at its best. Lush bromeliads, orchids and turk's cap cacti line your path at each turn.
Guy’s Trail, a two-mile tour that climbs the 455-foot hill behind Bitter End, traverses north to south and descends at The Pub. Continue along the trail and connect with paths to Deep Bay, Oil Nut Bay, and Biras Creek. Culminating atop the 630-foot Great Hill, hikers are treated to a breathtaking view that overlooks Bitter End and North Sound. Challenge yourself to run Guy’s Trail in under 20 minutes or take a long stroll in about an hour.
The National Park trail provides a hike to the summit of Gorda Peak, just a short trip from the resort.
Guided nature walks are given several times a week in the early morning and late afternoon.



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